Acquisition and sale of real estate

The questions of ownership law towards real estate are resolved in our law office practically on a daily basis. We co-operate with a number of real-estate agencies in ُEgypt.

Administration proceedings

Administration law is an area, which one usually has problems imagining what it concerns. The simplest way of defining what administration law is by saying, that administration law is EVERYTHING – and than deducting individual areas, such as the civil law, penal law, commercial law etc. from this absolute sum.

Civil relations

In general it may be said, that civil law and disputes issuing from it form a great part of our law office‘s work.

But civil law is such a broad conception, that it is possible only with difficulty to point to all of its chapters. Some of them are so singular, that they have their individual place in our web pages. But even so it is impossible to even hint at the whole extent of the civil law here. That is why we will only note some of the aspects that we consider of importance

Commercial and corporate law

Our law office represents the clients also in single cases, but more often we provide the long-term, a whole number of business subjects – companies and physical persons.

Consumer protection

The consumer protection law is not too voluminous, but its impact is immense. Or, it could be immense, if this law was properly exploited.

Employment law

Even though the legal order of the Egypt does not recognise the so-called precedent law, it is the employment law that belongs to an area, where relations are perhaps regulated by law, but this law is interpreted through a number of the so-called adjudicates, or verdicts of individual courts.